FS/T Modded Pyro with ceramic kk. 65$ Shipped!


I have a modded pyro and i want to trade it or sell it.For 65$ it will come with the ceramic kk and I’ll sell both of the halves for 50$.
Its smooth and spins forever…
Wants: (I can add money or an extra ceramic kk) Must be dead smooth.
Addiction 2
Protostar & Loop 900
General Yo
One drop
New releases
Just shoot me a pm with whatever you got.


Bumbsy sumpsy!


Upsy you go zyyy…

(Poe Yo's) #8

I don’t have the money but that is really good looking


how about a black dingo new with two ano flaws and and a new metal 0


Upsy daisy


to thw toopsyyy


Upsy to the tipsy we go all the wazy


Offer me anything as long as it’s smoothzyyy and mintzyyys!$$


I got a nice smooth mint 44, if u wanna trade for that


Ill trade you a YYF 44. It’s mint condition. It’d got a couple dings and one pinprick. It’s very smooth, and it spins a long time. The color is blur black acid wash. It Aldo comes with the original packaging.


Come on guys!! Pleazy!


What you guys gotzy?



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