FT: Near Mint Pyro Light

Hi All,

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my thread.  I have a near mint Pyro Light up for trade.  It has one ghost pad in it and plays very well as far as response and binds.  It is also very smooth.  The link to the pics is below as is my list of interests. My apologies for the pics especially the glare.  Be assured the white is just glare.  I am listing this yoyo as near mint because that is exactly how I bought it and it’s never come into contact with anything as long as I’ve owned it.  I will say my eyes aren’t what they used to be but I could not pick up the damage.  That should let you know how minimal it is.  Please us PM to contact me with questions or offers.  My wants list is in order of the companies I’m most interested in.  I’m mainly interested in only those companies at the moment but feel free to offer other things.  As far as a monetaary estimate I would put it in the $80-$100 range.

Limiting to Continental US at this time

Thanks for reading.