I have a design and I think we should discuss it! (Split from: Custom Machining...)


Come on guys! Feedback?


First things first, you can’t do machining based on a pencil sketch. This really isn’t relevant until you bring a CAD or CNC code, as far as actually getting this made.

In regards to the design, it looks to me like a slightly rounded Wet Whistle with a more exaggerated spike. Not something I would be inclined to buy to be honest.



The wet whistle is huge. 57mm, this is very small.

The wet wistle is not a v shaped yoyo

This is light. The wet whistle is heavy

Different weight distribution

Totally diverent shape

This has a much larger spike, and a smaller cup area

Better at IRGs

This isnt quite as wide

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Can you all take your design and make another thread cause it kind of cluttering this thread with unrelated stuff.


I just wanted to know if he could make it. Or if someone could make a cad


So there was no machining prior to CAD or CNC?

Youth always makes me laugh.


the Phillipians, who made the first ever yoyos, didn’t have CAD. They had ivory and chizzles


LOL :smiley:


Please direct me to the equipment that you use to turn pencil sketches on lathes.
I am aware that machining has existed long before computer-aided-design, but I’m pretty sure that’s what Josh requires for machining.
You really don’t need to be so presumptuous.

And a note to Apollo, if you want someone to make a CAD of this, you should put additional measurements on. Like, a lot. The angle on the spikes, the size and radius of certain curves, etc.

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FYI the Wet Whistle is a V-Shape


Meh. Its weird.

I dont call it that, i would say, like, protostar or square, a ronin type shape


Don’t be so narrow minded!

Draw something and do it. Watched my father who was a self taught everything whittle a 150lb block of aluminum into a 22lb masterpiece. Something that no one had ever done and you simply won’t see.

He used his milling machine and a pencil.


How does it work?


Good God man!!

Where is your keyboard and screen :wink:


Hey Bob, you got pics of what your Dad made? I’m genuinely interested.


Sorry. I was just trying to point out that if Apollo actually wants this to be realized in the way he wants he’s going to have to put more forward than just the sketch. Just trying to look at this practically.

And what your dad did sounds amazing. I’d love to see what he came up with.


Thanks for splitting this thread. I don’t mind working with paper sketches. I can turn it into a 3d model in a matter of minutes. For your design, I can’t do undercuts on the cnc mill easily. So I am focusing on designs that don’t have that. Below is a picture of what an undercut is.


The top image does not have an undercut, the bottom picture does. The tool comes down in the direction of the big arrow. Without a special tool I can’t make those. So Any of the designs that I am gonna make in the near future wont have those.



Okay really, you can stop ridiculing me now…
I’m sorry if I’ve made myself look like a close-minded fool. Just ignore me from now on when machining is the topic at hand.


It was a 5" center section for an outboard drag hydro we had. Pics would need to be scanned and finding them may be a trip in itself. I will look though.

First one he did was for a boat that landed us a spread in " Hot Boat" magazine. That was midevil compaired to the second one he did from the 150lb block. I think its in Canada now.

He also had a bike on the cover of Easyrider magazine. Long long before he had mill skills.


Not at all friend. Just some fun at your expense.