I hate ny no competition

Ny state is so bad there are no competitions here its bad the closest to me is Delaware state and thats like 3 hours away from me it sucks

Same with nc :frowning:

But i still love my state :slight_smile:

Haha i want to move to Arizona hopefully i will my parents want to

You must have not seen this thread. :wink:

Thats 10 hours away from me


I live on long island buffalo is actually 6 hours away ny is bigger than it seems

Carpool out!

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Cant haha im screwed

Im so surprised they made it in buffalo like come on thats ridiculous they couldn’t make it in nyc and they made it during school so they suck lol

What is so surprising about NY States taking place in Buffalo? You do realize that it is the second largest city in New York, right? I think that fact alone makes it a credible enough city to host the NY State Yo-Yo Championships.

Also, the costs of putting on a contest in Buffalo are going to be so much cheaper than they would be in NYC. That doesn’t even factor in the logistical nightmare it would be for me to try organizing the contest from the other side of the state. Since I live in Buffalo, the host/primary sponsor of the event is located in Buffalo, then that means that the contest will be taking place in Buffalo. There is no getting around that.

Now if someone wants to step up to organize NY States in NYC next year, I would be all for that. But the contest will still be taking place in Buffalo this year, no matter what.