"I hate it when.."


Forum game idea.

A GT that just wont dimount
When you get to the part of your combo with whips, and tension messes it all up.
When a trick youve perfected wont cooperate with you when you are in front of a camera
When laceration binds dont work
When some gnarly knot appears out of no where
When a yoyo strips the first time you unscrew it (ehem proton, trap, token, :P)

Non yoyo related:
When cliff hanger, nuff said
Whenyou lose your train of thought at school
When you drop your lunch on the floor
Whena teacher keeps on teaching after the bell rung. We have other classes ya know.
When you step on a lego
When you think you lost your phone and then you try calling it

What moments do you guys hate?


That moment when GoT kills off your favourite characters.



My teacher teaches the same thin over and over again but saying it in a different way.


When the whole school year has been a review as far as math goes.

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I’m trying to match a guitar tone with a song, and I don’t have the right equipment (HiWatt, lol).

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…when a dinged yoyo scratches you on a grind.


Homework. 'Nuff said.
(BTW, this thread will probably get locked. I’ve seen it happen yo almost identical ones)


I miss a GT suicide and have to pick a knot from around the bearing.


I don’t mind those so much when I’m at home and have tweezers on hand but when I’m out and about, oh boy do I hate it.



If there was, it must be VERY old, so im sure it wont get locked.


An hour after an argument, you think of the PERFECT comeback but you can’t use it.

Dave: Your yoyo skills suck!
Me: Walks away
Dave: Yep. Just go away now.
Me (Eating a burger): Oh my friking gawd I should have said “YOUR MOMS YOYO SKILLS SUCK!”


When people make a big deal out of nothing.


“Your mom…” would have been worse. It’s too overused.


Your mom is overused.


Haha I know. I just couldn’t think of a good comeback.


Brain scrambler to the head.


Enjoy the school and homework. It’s the easiest part of life by far.


A couple of the worst yoyo things possible
string burn
string snapping
and the yoyo screwing mid throw and flying around

non yoyo related
Obnoxious people


OOOH, forgot Monday.