I just wait a month or two after release. Lets the hype die down and then people will accept trades as normal. Because Code 2 ≠ CLWY Cheif in one month, just saying.

got a burning ember…hyped

There is still one burning ember left!

Does anybody else see the boy and girl holding hands in the second picture, the orange and blue splash code 2 right under the letter “S” :smiley: lucky you, that’s special

I see it!!..That looks really cool!!!

Anyone wanting to get rid of a Code 2 check out my B/S/T! :stuck_out_tongue:


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Mine came today! I absolutely love it! I think I might like it better than my chief…

Mine too. New favorite yo!

Got my subterranean and YYE editions in today!! So sweet!!

It’s great that so many people are digging their CODE2s! There’s been some stellar colorways thus far, and more are on the way. :slight_smile:

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Dude. This is probably one of the best yoyos out there period. Sweet design.

I hear all y’all talking about the code two having all these different color combos and the icture of the blue on but yye only has two color options. Whats up?

They were sold directly from onedrop

No code2 for me :(, I’m jealous of you guys lol. Hopefully they’ll have them at the worlds.

I got mine today. It’s smooth like butter, and far surpasses both the Hatrick and the Dietz.

i agree

@turtle- What editions are those? Those are not for sale at any store from what I gather…

I just picked up the YYE edition to match my YYE edition Code1. The YYE edition colorways are just unbelievably amazing looking.

I got the Chief when it release a couple weeks ago, and then I got my Code 2 in the mail today, and this thing is BEAST. Super quiet, and wicked smooth, I think I might like it more than the Chief (keep that on the downlow)!

According to YYE new solid colors are coming in this following week. Get excited. :o

I’m happy with the two i got a while back…


Though personally, i got my fingers crossed for a Cobalt edition. I love that Colorway.

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