I finally pulled the trigger

 Hello everyone. I finally went and did it. I finally ordered some yo you. After all the reading, learning, chat session, etc I think I have gained enough info to make a quality decision for a yo yo or two. With me having the blindness issue to deal with, I feel that looping would be better to start with than string tricks. I say this because the control of the yo yo for the basics is done with one hand and I do not have to worry about landing the yo yo on a small piece of string, etc. I also wanted to go with a more "tried and true" or traditional approach, something that has been tested through time and still works good today, rather than buy the newest thing of FAD ro hit the market. I also wanted good value for the money as I am on a fixed income so I could not justify a $50 yo yo. Here is what I bought:

YYF Firewdog - $4.99
Duncan ProYo- $4.99 (backordered)
Fine Wood YoYo$3.50 (known as the Newton)

I am under $15 for what seem to be good beginner looping yo you. Sure they are not cutting edge and are not high tech, but that is ok with me. My goal is to have fun, learn, and enjoy the skill and hobby. You may be wondering why I am not going hardcore and trying to learn the YYF One that ED sent to me. The answer is that from what I am reading and learning from the forum, to make that yo yo come back to my hand from a gravity pull I must learn to bind. To do this, I must learn to land the yo yo one the string. I also feel that going the more traditional route would be better for me because I also took out the Duncan ProFly Higsby 66 that ED sent to me…and you know what, I could do a gravity pull with it the first time out, I could control it and land the thing in my hand from a gravity pull every time I tried it. I also by accident was able to let the yo yo go over my hand and not catch it and perform the gavity pull a few more times. I would not call it a loop but more of a roll over the top of my hand but not stopping the motion of the yo yo. I hope that I made the right choices. I am more interested in looping than string tricks at this point.


I would also recommend the Duncan Pro Z, because you can convert it from looper to string tricks.

Please keep us updated on your progress.

I think looping is a great idea! And The accidental trick you described sounded like the trick “Hop the Fence”

Sounds great. I hope you really enjoy them.

If you know this already, disreguard the following paragraph:
The strings break more often on wooden and fixed axles than they do with bearings. I love wood axle yo-yos, but I use them outside. I try to keep a check on the strings and replace them before they snap and send my yo-yo flying, but it is going to happen from time to time.

Glad to hear you are enjoying yo-yoing and finding your niche.

I also want to add, although a little off topic since you want to learn 2A, that I don’t necessarily believe you have to start out with responsive yo-yos to begin your journey into 1a and be successful; but I am certainly glad I did. :wink:

I think Hop the Fence is a loop. I think what he was describing was more like “over the fence and back” …haha… Please don’t quote me on that! I DO NOT know the actual name of the trick. Ed does it in this video at 0:25; if I understood him correctly. Anybody know the name?

 I looked at the Hop The Fence video and yes that is pretty much what I am doing, however not on purpose. I am doing it/did itg by accident. :)