I feel like an OG in the yoyo world.

Hey, I just started getting into the unresponsive yoyo world. I see a lot of youngens on this forum and on the yoyo review and unboxing videos on Youtube. I feel like a OG, is there anybody out there about my age? I am 25.

I’m twenty. Close enough?

Nope, sorry. Not any where’s near that.


gregp is the old guy on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

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Dave, 25 an OG? Double it brother. I’m teaching my grandson to throw.

Im 24 so… im on your team ;D

I am nowhere near as young as 25.

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Everyone is lying. You’re alone.

I turn 28 on Sunday and just started throwing

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Ha! If 25 is an OG, then I must be a ROG. There’s a good mix of ages and occupations. Do what you enjoy.

23! You’re alright ;D

I vaguely remember 25, Ronald Reagan was POTUS.

I’m 24, so don’t worry :stuck_out_tongue:

Nowhere close, but I hope to yoyo that long.

Yeah, me too.


How old are you JHB?

I guess for many this year canes will replace candy canes for Christmas! :smiley:

I’m not certain we can handle the truth. :slight_smile:


LeDave; My heart attack is older that you are.

im 25 just turned 25 in November,but there are a good chunk of throwers that are over 30,so im def not an OG in the least bit ;D ;D