Are yoyos just kid stuff?

I think that most of the general public view yoyos as kid stuff. As people get closer to adulthood, yoyos would fall by the wayside just like many of their other toys and interests. I’m sure this might be true for some but not for everyone.

How old is the oldest yoyo-er that you personally know or know of?

80 something it think they are on this site to

Right now, I kind of feel like it’s a guilty pleasure, reliving my childhood. On the other hand, look at the different crews out there. How many of them are adults playing with yo-yos? Sure it’s a toy but it’s one of those that’s for all ages. Skateboards also tend to fall in this category; you see skateboarding technically geared towards teens but there are many adults who also do it. Now if only stores would move yo-yos to the sporting goods area with their frisbees and whatnot, it would probably be less viewed as a toy.

What about videogames? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cars are toys with the right mentality

you get where this is going

Glenn Godsey, member of team General-Yo, is 72.

Anything that you use for fun and not for a practical use can be a toy.


If your using a car to drive to work your not using it as a toy. But if you use it to race and drive around, and do dangerous stunts and your having fun doing that then your using it as a toy.

I’m 32 with 2 kids and still throw.

And he lives in Oklahoma! There is a nice lady in her 70’s that lives in OKlahoma too. Maggritt I believe. I’m not totally sure of the age but she says she can’t come to the meet because she’s too old to drive. lol She lives in Tulsa too.

Oh and I"m 38 with three kids and love yo’s!

Sure they are. I’ll never grow up,

I hope I’m not coming across as somebody who thinks people should let yoyos fall by the wayside as they get older. I’m certainly not. I’m just curious to see how many older yoyo-ers might be out there.

I can just imagine someone out there saying, “Like yeah, I know this one dude who still throws and he’s like 20!” (thinking 20 is old) :smiley:

Why grow up, kids have more fun.

Picasso has a ton of quotes about kids, and how the joy and creativity of a kid is unmatched.

also when people think of kids having a yoyo’ing they don’t think of kids doing anything besides the gravity pull and maybe the sleeper. in which it takes time, aka, childhool and teenhood, to develop most of the skills and flow you need to be a great yo yo’er.

I’m going to be 18, I have no intention of ever quitting yoyoing. I’ll even teach my kids how to yoyo :slight_smile:

Most of the general public doesn’t know what you can really do with a yoyo.

their singer is kinda… bad…

yeah its for kids!
ima 18 year old kid, how bout it!

I am 42.
A teenager saw me throwing at the campgrounds this weekend and asked me to do several tricks that he named off.
When I asked him how he knew of them, he said he use to throw. But he was too old now… :-\

i remember an old nokia commercial. when they promote the first ever handphone to have a gaming feature (i think it’s the 5110 series).

“theres always a kid in all of us”

yeah, that kid inside of me really enjoy yoyoing. . . ;D

That’s funny. You should have told him your age, how much you still enjoyed throwing and advised him that he was good to go until at least 45. :wink: :smiley:

Yo-yoing exceeds all genders, cultures, and age. Age has nothing to do with an item be it a toy or tool though age can limit on how you use it. I’m 15 and I still yo-yo and people say it’s ridiculous that I use a kid’s toy but as long as you are a kid at heart, that doesn’t matter. Don’t let it bother you and the most important thing is that you are having fun even if you are old.

BTW: The oldest yo-yoer I know is Bill de Blah Blah Blah (Don’t feel like trying to spell his last name.) He throws 2A, is a Grandmaster, and is on Team Yoyojam.