"I double dog dare ya"

(YoYoStringLab) #1

Got to the Lincoln movie early, Wrath in pocket. They let us in, but we wre just waiting in the theater, no previews yet. I was joking around and asked my son and wife if I should yoyo. I was not too serious, but my wife double dog dared me. Now, I won’t be dared into doing anything, but I thought, what the heck, and used it as an excuse.

So, I jumped up in front of the waiting movie goers and did a trick or two. The Lincoln crowd was mostly older people and they clapped and asked for more. My son took over and we shouted out trick requests that we thought the crowd might enjoy more than tech. They really enjoyed it.

Guess I can cross that off my bucket list :).

Now, I double dog dare you.



I was a Craft Fair. Some guy calls me over, he’s like, “Show him (another guy) some tricks!” So I did. He was insanely impressed. He brought me over to his friends and kids table, I yoyo’d for them. They loved it. Also, later on, I had two kids following me around. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, I rose to the challenge without even knowing it! Wife and I went to a rare movie this past weekend (tried to see Skyfall, ended up seeing the excellent Cloud Atlas instead) and while I was waiting in line, I was throwing a bit.

Nosir, not shy about yoyoing in public at all. Daily I yoyo in line at McDonald’s. I yoyo in the mall while waiting for my wife and kids. I yoyo any time that I would have otherwise been playing games on my Android. :wink:


These kinds of stories are probably my favorite part of reading this forum. Thanks for sharing that. :slight_smile:


I was in Starbucks and my friends asked me to do a couple of tricks so naturally, I give them what they want and start yoyoing. Once i stopped a couple of other people gave me a round of applause, that made my day :slight_smile:


One time when I was outside yo-yoing waiting for our table and then a waiter saw me yo-yoing. once we got our table he asked if I could do it in the restaurant while I was waiting for our food I showed the the people eating my tricks then once I was done he said " get this girl a cinnamon bun" and once I got it it was the best cinnamon bun ever!


Every chance I get when there’s room and I’m not on a moving train/bus. The yoyo scene in Sydney is pretty small so I’m doing what I can to grow the community here. Doesn’t hurt that it’s crazy fun and I’m a bit a of an attention junky.