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That’s pretty good, how long have you been playing? I also know its a lot harder to play without a band.

I’ve been playing for 4 years, so I guess it might be time for me to record a vid of me playing?


Well I am 37 and i started when I was 19… So… Just under 20 years… Always for fun though… That was just me having fun… I play better but in the moment that was how I play… I was more happy with the tone on this example… And the song is a fav of mine…

Can any one name the song???

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I really need to finish learning La Villa Strangato. Long, complicated song with two crazy solos and about 20 time changes…


Awesome job dude that was great!


Nice video. No one has guessed the song…what is it?


Soon!!! Should I make a contest out of it??? Name the song and win a throw???


I am also a guitar player! It seems that a lot of yoyoers also play guitar.
I don’t have a video of me playing, But here is a recording of me playing.
I have been playing for about 12 years or so. Progressive Metal is my preferred style.
I also programmed all of the drums and bass for this track.

EDIT: Is that song you were playing by Nirvana by any chance? Sounds familiar, I just can’t put my finger on it.


I play viola, and for part of my audition into a local orchestra, I played Enter Sandman. The people there said that was the first time they’d seen someone play Metallica for an audition. lol


Thanks Matt! Really though, you didn’t have to get all dress to the nines in your ritzy attire. It’s just us here.


:D  I cracked up.  Truth is…no matter what I wear outside the house, when I get home, I get comfy, and throw on some shorts or sweats and stuff.  He reminded me…of me.  ;D

Here is song I wrote for Matt…well, about Matt, for Matt last year.  I programmed the drums, and he played the guitar part.

This is the recorded version…rough draft version anyway. It was not finished.

Lyrics are here:

Matt Giroux (mgiroux77) Song, copyright 2013

He practices night and day in Easthampton, no tiring,
Trophy at Mass States, competed in Rhode Island,
A2Z and YoyoExpert where he goes,
Buying all colorways of the purple and green throws,

He loves to help a lot, friends can always call him,
he loves his One Drops Code 2…the Sovereign,
…Cascade, Caribou Lodge and he wants that,
Avalanche a comeback, he’s loving the Hulk Smash,

He knows what he likes, he won’t use anything,
Likes the best things in life, brand new Kitty String,
Buying throws, he’s in heaven when he can afford 'em,
Mgiroux77 on the yo-yo forum.

He likes his wood throws, like we all do,
Old days were good No Jives and Tom Kuhn,
Plays his guitar, a rock star in the evening,
Ford Fusions his car, always there when you need him,

He knows the whole scene, and he stays in the know,
He’ll throw his One Drops and his General Yo,
Caribou Lodge release and you know that he wants that,
Purple/green is sweet and he’s loving the Hulk Smash,

Purple/Green sometimes gold in his case,
New throws come along, old throws are replaced,
As sure as he has to throw, you have to know,
The facts are so…yo, his name is Matt Giroux,

And he’s a natural, he don’t care for plastic throws,
But he’ll throw a YoyoJam Classic though.
you heard me say that, it’s time to lay tracks,
listen to the guitar, now it’s time to play Matt…


Nope… Close though!!!

Great playing by the way!!!


I know, right? Truth be told if you were to make a video of me in my place I’d need half a day not only to make myself presentable but my apartment as well. I’ll come home from work at night with something to eat but the food will sit and get cold while I’m jumping into a t-shirt and shorts. I’m exactly the same way, only worse. We can all take comfort in this; Jennifer Lawrence, who recently turned down People magazine’s “Most Beautiful Women in the World”, confessed in a recent interview that when she’s not working there are times when she’ll realize she has been lounging around the house for three days in the same sweats. We’re in good company here.

Honestly though, thanks so much for you all sharing your musical artistry. I have no such capability. My brother has one room in his house just for his keyboard and sound setup. He cranks that thing up and they can hear him clear over in Omaha. (He lives in Council Bluffs, Iowa so it’s not THAT big a deal.) He’s very talented. Me, I can’t even clap along very well.

James May, what can I say? Just…wow! That was great. Iron Tomato sent me a song last fall that he did. He’s extremely talented as well. (What ever happened to him anyway?)

Thanks so much compadres of the bandalore fellowship, you have made my Sunday morning brighter.


No problem!!! It is a beatifull day and the tunes are flowing!!! Cheers mate!!


James! Amazing!

I play some guitar, too. Don’t have any decent recordings around despite having also been a home recording hobbyist for a while. At that point I was kind of into mucking around with synths n’ stuff.

I’m nowhere near that level… been wanting to learn some sweep picking patterns for ages, but yeah… then I just do the usual and muck around in Am Pentatonic blues scale. :wink: I’m definitely a competent guitarist, just nothing to write home about.


Ok here is another one.  Same band so this might trigger the songs.  I made sure I changed my shirt Banjo!!!


Pear jam - Not For You & Black? Did I win a throw? Lol!


You have the right band but wrong songs!!


2nd song is alive by pearl jam?


Lol did I say pear jam?! Ha ha… Dang you iPad!!