I Did it Again

I decided I wanted to stop spending so much money and hold off on buying yoyos for awhile.

A few minutes ago, I stumbled across a mint SPYY Pro on eBay with a very low “Buy It Now” price.


I hate when that happens…

Buys All The Yoyos!!

Pro is an awesome yoyo, so yeah…

Just do it. You know you want to. Now you got some pressure.

I usually don’t have that problem cause i don’t get many yoyos in the first place.

I already did. That’s why I made the thread.

You could say “starting right after I buy this Yoyo now!” that way you shall have no shame.

As long as you aren’t buying things that you really can’t afford, putting off buying things you should get, or are not spending wisely, it’s all fine and good.
Good cushion?
I always tell myself that before I buy anything, I should make sure I have at least 4 times that amount to feel comfortable with spending it. Obviously there are some exceptions, but for the most part, it’s something good to go by, especially for you younger ones.

If you’re buying SPYY you know you’re making an intelligent decision so never regret that money being well spent!!!

I’ve owned one SPYY yoyo. It was a Pro that I won in a giveaway here on the forums. I kept it for a very long time, but eventually sold it for like 40.00 I think. I’ve wanted to try the Ronin, but still haven’t. Anyway, I really want another Pro. I’m not sure if you’ve used one before, but I think you will like what you get. It’s an awesome yoyo.

I have indeed used one before. That’s why I jumped on it.

I used to do that all the time, but I make an oath not to buy yoyo until I can make a yoyo based on my own design.

and I haven’t buy any yoyo for almost two years now.