I can't remove the bearing from my Loop 2020

I have a Loop 2020. It is my first time unscrewing it (i didn’t modify it at all) and I can’t remove the bearing from the axle. Here is a video of the problem.

How do I remove the bearing?

@yyfben2 can you help me?

I’m a little confused (not unusual for me🤪) by the video. Does the bearing come free until it reaches the threads of the axle, at which point it doesn’t move anymore?

My recommendation would just be to use more force to try and pull the bearing off, but it doesn’t sound like a great idea.

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Have you tried unscrewing the axle from the other half, so it’s completely free of both yoyo halves?
It looks like the bearing would just be free by slipping off the other end at that point.

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Yes exactly! The bearing just stops moving at this point.

I had the same idea but I’m worried I may break something haha

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That’s a good idea, thanks

I found the root of the problem. The axle is faulty. Maybe I can take a picture of it.

The axle is wider on one side. Where the axle reflects the orange light where the axle is too wide (i hope that makes sense)

I’m gonna use a nailfile on this spot

Great solution.
It has been crushed causing the end to ‘mushroom’.

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