I can't open my Sine//Saw...


I wanted to check out the new axle system, and I can’t open the thing for the life of me. I tried to throw on some latex gloves to get some extra grip. They worked like a charm, but all I ended up with was torn gloves and sore palms. :-\ I’ve opened PLENTY of throws, and I’ve never encountered one this tight.


try try again. it was a pain to take mine off also but eventually it will let loose


Find someone stronger than you.


Good idea…



Like a pickle jar.

It needed to be said.

(Trickster) #6

Keep trying, if it doesn’t work try to get into contact with whoever you bought it from and if its still mint they will probably be able to switch it out (if its a website).


Put rubber bands on the rims. They’re gripper than latex gloves