I CAN"T REMOVE MY AXLE!!!!!! I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Johnny T) #1

OK I can’t remove my axel with a rubber band and pliers. I ordered a new axle and got it today.

Here is the story: I had a loosen axle about a few days ago, and tried to find my dad’s locktite. I noticed something spilled on my darkmagic axle. Guess what? It was superglue!!!. It float to my other side of the dark magic. I tried plucking it out with pliers and vice pliers but no use.


(Jeromy K.) #2

If it’s super glued in you may be done with your DM, if it only strips with pliers and will not come out, it may snap off, so try agin and if not, that will probably be the end of it Sorry :’(

(Mark) #3

Like Jeromy said, it may be the end. As a last resort, I would try using water (if you want to risk it, Acetone (Nail polish remover)) and try letting it seep in the axle area. But Acetone is not recommended. Im so sorry about your delima.


Is the superglue ONLY on the axle, or is it touching the plastic as well?

(Johnny T) #5

Only on the axle


If you arnt gonna use the axle, use the pliers to strip it by just twisting and not pulling… It should shave off.

(Johnny T) #7

nvm i got it fixed


good thing,I would freak if I had a DM and it got ruined