How to Remove Yoyojam Axle

Can you guys tell me how to remove the axle from a Dark Magic 1?
I have looked it up but in a lot of the posts there’s someone who says that that’s not the way you do it and then someone else says that he’s wrong and so on and so on.
Can you use pliers? If not, is it because the axle spiral things get messed up? If so, couldn’t you just tape it and then pull it? Thanks!

Put some thin cloth/ napkins on the axle, then remove with pliers :slight_smile: Same with putting it back in.

Put two nuts on there. Tighten them very tightly against each other, then grab both with a pair of pliers and screw it.

Instead of using pliers directly on the axle there are two other methods you can us.
Firstly you can use a 1/16" allen key if the key way is faceing up when you unscrew your yoyo, or secondly, you can get two nuts that fit onto the axle do one up about half way down the axle then tighten the second nut against the first nut then, undo the first nut. This should in theory unscrew the axle out of the yoyo half instead of undoing both nuts.
But if all fails carefully using a set of pliers will work.

Hope this helps.

What do you want to take off the axle?

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