Dragon Jam axle removavle?


Would removing the axle with Auto-Lock pliers mess up the axle? I wan’t to see if i can add the axle in my Dark Magic and I also want to Satin Finish it.


Yes it would.

Search around for something like “axle removal” and you should find plenty of results to help you out. :wink:


I only found 4 topics, and those don’t work at all with a YYJ, and 1 of them were this and another was a 888 topic.


Ok well ask your dad about this and he would probably be able to describe it better but…

Put two nuts on the axle. Tighten them against each other pretty tightly and then grab both with some pliers and unscrew it. You shouldn’t have a risk of damaging the threads this way and you can get the axle out.


Ok, Ima try it. I understand it 100%.