I can fix my YoYo but how do I fix this ?


Okay so I was just trying some tricks with my YoYo and while my forward toss trick was going flawlessly well, my younger sister entered the room and she got hit with the YoYo on her nose. She didn’t feel any pain at that time but now she has got some cracking sound coming from her nose. What possibly could be the reason of this creepy sound? :-\ :-X

(Spinworthy Glen) #2


That’s all I have to say.


If she’s never heard this sound before, it certainly isn’t normal. She or a parent should call the primary care physician, and she might be referred to an ENT doctor.

It could be a slight fracture, maybe not.

You feel bad, rightfully so, but own up to it and tell a parent or guardian. It was an accident, and she should have it checked out.

A cracking sound after an impact is never normal. Think of it this way, if it happened at school, the nurse would recommend a physician right?

Hopefully you have reasonable family members who will appreciate you stepping up to the situation.

*The doctor may in fact say leave it alone and it will heal. There
s good news right?


Who “nose” what’s wrong with her?


I did a similar thing with my sibling years ago but I hit his glasses instead. They were easier to fix than a nose so I’d also recommend a visit to the doctor if there is any concern.


I would recommend a visit to a doctor right away.

We won’t know if there is anything wrong under the skin.