I can do that

There is a new show on NBC called I can do that. I think it would be really awesome to see some professional yo-yoers go on the show, and showcase what yoyoing is all about. Maybe we can find a way to make a petition to get 2 people or so to get on there. And then contact the show and see if we can make it happen. Who would you like to see on I Can Do That.

Get Gentry on it! He’s a world champ and his tricks look good to Yoyo players and Non-yoyo players. Plus he can be promoted as the current World champion.

Seems like a good choice to me

Yeah Gentry seems to have a lot of non yoyoer exposure as well as lots of appealing tricks. He seems like a good choice

Gormley has that Devin Supertramp video out too, a lot of people saw that

I’d sign that petition.
What is the premise of the show?

its basically a talent show.

a really big talent show…

Are they trying to teach people their talent?
That’s what I couldn’t figure out from the website.

That would be cool indeed!

Gentry has a good camera presence, does flashy looking tricks - great choice.

Someone with a really smooth flow, who has tight sync with their music while performing would be a good choice, too, I think.

They go on stage and show off their yoyoing skills. There are six celebrities who then get up and walk this light up ladder, if they think they can do that. Giving the name “I Can Do That.” They then choose a partner. The two celebrities then have one who week to learn a routine which they will then perform with the professionals. They already had the globe trotters, Penn and teller, and break dancing group on the show. I think we should find a way to be able to get two or so professional throwers on the show. It would be amazing.

I might ask him about that. I think I have his number somewhere.

If Gentry gets on there at least when they say World Champion hes an actual World Champion haha

Brandon vu?

And Zach Gormly

Brandon Vu’s a personable guy, seems camera friendly. But would they be willing to fly him to the studio from Australia when there are other well know throwers already here in the US?

Unfortunately, his slow, technical tricks are not that impressive to those outside of the yoyo community. I absolutely LOVE his style myself, though.

I think Gentry would be the best bet.

Yoyo baby.

They were talking about people who were mistakenly called world yo-yo champions.

Yea on the Devin Supertramp vid it was titled worlds best yoyo champion

Maybe Pali since he has already been on TV for Iceland’s got talent