I am truly amazed!


Ok, so my little brother and I have brought yo-yoing to new places at our school. My brother was at school and after around six months has influeced one person to REALLY go nuts for yo-yos, so after his butterfly he went straight to a DM and now he’s got an 888, (bad choice going from a DM to an 888 just because he’s only 9) But any ways. He really wanted to try a hybrid hitman, so I let him borrow my hitman for his 888 for the day, and I am truly amazed. I really did not like my M1, just not for me, so I sold it, but the second I tried the 888 I am in love, my next yo-yo will almost definantly be a DNA, I like the 888 but its too small for my liking, so DNA is gonna be perfect. I LOVE the 888. Thanks to YYF for creating heaven in my hand! (unfortunantly he has done a few walk the dogs on pavement, so its got dings and I just cant believe he did that, I need the stupid button, “well that was stupid”)

(SR) #2

I am still trying to get the point of this thread, and why it’s in this section. ???


He just wanted to say that he loved the 888. And this is yo-yo related.


Not like you haven’t done something similar.

And Ewski got the rest.

Glad you’re finding the perfect yoyo!


I hope that when I find my “dream” yoyo I’ll be as excited as you are. Seems like you really like the yoyo and have good plans for what you want to have. That’s fairly fun, its better than people asking which yoyo is better.