I am so sorry to do this... yet another -need help deciding- thread

Yeah, so the title pretty much says it all. I am having a difficult time picking between the yelets, the supernova lite, and the super G. I would get the yelets, but i love my supernova but want it faster, and love my g funk but want it bigger. I really like fast play. I like yoyos that are both solid and floaty. I regen a lot. I want good grinds, but that is not a #1 concern. I realize that the chances are pretty slim that you have tried all three, so if it is no trouble, could you just talk about what you know. Thanks guys!

I would get the Yelets, I haven’t played with any of these throws, but just because it’s always cool to try out new companies, and get a feel on a completely different throw.

Supernova Lite is your best bet
Grab a CT with it. It benefits from it a lot!

Yelets… $85 and it opens up a whole world of Side Effects for you.

Yep Yelets… vs the supernova lite which you cannot have a variety… Most yoyofactory designs are outdated…

Ok thanks guys

To be fair though, gentry still uses a super g I believe, and look at him now! Yeah, yelets it is though.

Outdated? That’s not true. Many people still love And use YYF religiously.
It’s not really fair to say outdated

But the Yelets are small and undersized. They are a pocket side effect yoyo.

I would not get both the G yoyos.

Supernova light IMO!!

Exactly. He said he wanted bigger
Yeletes is smaller!



It is do awesome that you are all being so helpful! I would say that it is really down to the yelets and super nova. Remember , I love the standard one, and the severe when I tried it!

If you want small and less wide go for the eyelets
If you want something familiar and fast.
The Supernova Lite is totally perfect.

I like the Lite a lot more that the standard haha
Never tried a 2012 though

This is tough. Out of curiosity, how is the catalyst btw?

It’s alright. Feels relaxed and an all around player IMO

The Lite is probably the way to to if you want fast

Play is somewhere half way between the Supernova and Supernova Lite.