I almost died... From being struck by... Awe, gie

Thats right… Im not sure if you guys have kept up with this but I still check this site every day to every other day and its still updating…


I had a tought choice between the Augie BOSS and the GM2… I knew I’d love the GM2, but I am a HUGE (I mean HUGE… I reference Augie in about half my posts) Augie Fash fan… He’s my idol… So of course… I may never get a chance to get an Augie Fash yoyo, but there was the Augie BOSS, but I like large H-shape yoyos, and not undersized round yoyos, but it said Augie! I did go with the GM2 because I know it would be silly to go with looks over preference but now, my dreams have been answered…

See all those SWEET new BOSS’s? See how ALL of them say Augie?! (That silver and blue one is amazing)

Well, I just wanted to share this, and I know what my first undersized yoyo will be!!!

nice boss but sadly im probably getting a dv888 for my b-day

crap…aww man shoulda waited those splash bosses are amazing!!! :-[ :-[ :-[

i dunno if the boss have splash version

Andre says that YYE will be getting the RED/GOLD and BLUE/GREEN BOSS, some new colorways for the Genesis, and the SEVERE when they are released. w00t.

I just saw that… and I had no words… absolutelly beautiful. Most amazing colorways ever.

is the severe plastic and how much will it cost

The Severe is Metal

Oh really? Cool. :stuck_out_tongue:


Chris is right; The Severe is metal with plastic sidecaps. I love em to death.

Shoutout to Tyler Severance for all the new Boss colorways. :smiley:

The SEVERE is an awsome yo-yo! Thanks Tyler for Letting me play yours.

Must get purple splash, Must get purple splash…

I’m so sorry to link to another site, but birdinhand.com has Augie Signature BOSSes in blue/gold and black/purple finishes. It’s as far as I know the ONLY site that carries the BOSS in alternate colors. I’m getting the blue/gold one for Christmas (I know I keep bragging about it, I’m just waaaaay too excited!!! ;D), and i’ve managed to take a sneak peek at it-- it looks incredible! Quite honestly I almost lost control down below when I first saw it both online and in person ;D