Hyper-yo keychain given out with order on Nat. Yoyo day

On national yoyo day, I ordered a code2 from YYE and i used the code to get a 15% discount. My order arrived today with the yoyo but didn’t come with the free keychain given out with each order.

Did anyone receive a free keychain or did I not receive one because it was out of stock?

I got one. I was kind of expecting a functioning yoyo. but it doesn’t really do much. I got it to go up and down a few times, but that’s about it.
contact yye about it.

I got my pink one to go a full around the world.

If you didn’t receive one and you ordered it with the code just send us a quick email - We are always here to help. :wink:



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I did manage a plastic whip and a brent stole. granted the yoyo wasn’t actually spinning.

I got mine, a yellow one. I collect tiny yo-yos and have a case just for them. I haven’t tried to use it yet, but I think it’s great, not just because it’s free, but as a keychain or zipper pull, it allows you to represent your love of yo-yos to anyone who sees you wearing it. The little manual it came with was cute too ;), shows all the different versions and colors of available keychains.

How do you use it? Mine has a plastic thing where the string should be.

That is just like the flea leash. You have to remove chain and it splits and separates, attach string and go (sort of).