Why do people get angry over hype? I have a right to be excited.

I like the hype only from the perspective is that’s how I get half my yoyo-related information.

I get angry when the stuff sells out in the buying frenzies that follow a yoyo dropping around here and I can’t get one. On the flip side, when I can and DO get one, someone else takes up my position of being angry they didn’t get one. Oh well, that’s how it goes.

While that is true, and a good point, what makes me more angry is people getting mad for someone just having hype, and not the effects of it.

Everything has hype. It’s just a matter of how much people and manufacturers are going to hype it.

The bigger the hype, potentially the harder the fall.

Definitely true there. The more hype the more critical people are going to be. Sometimes it’s not good to set the level so high that you are in danger of a fall you can’t recover from.

I don’t get angry over hype. In fact I like seeing people get excited over a yoyo, since I do the same. I am like Chris though, I hate seeing hype and not being able to buy a yoyo because all 9 pieces sold out before you can click the link. If/when I make a yoyo I hope i remember this and make enough to satisfy demand and not leave people hanging.

The one thing I’ve noticed is the release of colorways in a second run and charging more with each run. The hype created seems enough to justify the price hike and I think of that as sort of bad business. Hype can be a tool to help move product but I hate seeing it used to take advantage of the customer.

Yeah… Look at the Bapezilla…

It really seems, feels, appears, that most of the over hype comes from us, especially on limited editions. The few that get these yoyos are so excited to have them, that they unintentionally give us feedback that is grossly exagerated.

I like to know stats and basic opinions but there is a point where I just basically quit listening. There are so many great yoyos that haven’t recieved the hype they deserve while others recieve way more than they should. I’m not interested in the flavor of the day or month I want something more than what the popular kid on the block has. I want substance, I want a yoyo that makes ME happy.

Hype is great to a point then turn it off. :wink: