Hydrangea lisianthus

Hey @yoyojoe and @mable or anybody who tried it. Can you give me some details on this throw. Really enjoy it spec and look wise.
Or what else to pick from the line up from Hydrangea.
Just as ref I am a big mustang fan.


Lisianthus doesn’t feel overly rimweighted in play, but the performance is top notch despite that. It has just enough weight on the outer rim placed in just the right spot. I personally love it, but I think most people would probably skew towards the Quercus since it has a similar feeling in play but with 3 extra grams shaved off. The Lisianthus uses a wacky bearing seat that actually locks into the bearing race, so you need to use NSKs with them. You can maybe get lucky and a random bearing will fit, but they’re designed very specifically to fit NSKs, none of my non-NSKs fit.

Personally I appreciate the 3 extra grams and extra spin I can get out of the Lisianthus in play, and I don’t care about the yoyo feeling heavier. My Lisianthus has seen the vast majority of my 1A play this year, it’s not my favorite yoyo, but it’s pretty darn close.

Magnolia is great, but in a way is a nothing special design. It’s easily my favorite yoyo. It’s just a thick rim concentrated out on the edge with thin walls and minimal material in the hub, save for using a slightly longer axle to help withstand 3A/5A abuse better. It’s only 67 grams but feels heavier. That’s all I have to say about the yoyo.

Raw and light green Magnolias don’t take standard sized pads, the response groove is more shallow. They’re sized to only fit HKMT Grip-I pads, so if you get one expect to silicone it unless you love Grip-I. The Quercus should be noted is the same, you’re using Grip-I or silicone or your pads will protrude. Purple/dark green/pink/gray Magnolias were updated to fit standard 19mm response, which actually means they end up being a couple tenths of a gram lighter since the response groove is deeper.

Hydrangea designs in my mind embody the philosphy of less is more. They’re simple and effective, and are glad to throw away a lighter/more agile feeling yoyo to just give you more power to work with. They opt for more narrow designs to keep the weight concentrated to the rims, without wasting that mass by spreading it wider, and they’re heavy because they want that extra weight on the rims. They’re no frills, if you’re getting one with the intent that it’s going to be a staple yoyo you’re constantly going to play, it will be extremely worth it. If you don’t very specifically want the design being offered, it’s probably just going to feel like a very expensive yoyo that’s doing nothing special or unique.

The weights/narrow widths are very much not trendy, if you truly want what the Magnolia is offering, there’s really not a lot else like it on the market. Imagine a St. Elmo, thin out the walls, make the axle/nipple smaller, and move all of that weight you just shaved off straight to the rim. That’s a Magnolia. I recently let somebody borrow my Magnolia and their thought was that it was very cookie cutter/sterile. If you want your yoyo to feel somehow unique or fun, you won’t find that in a Hydrangea design. You’re just going to get something that plays well. Period.

All of my Hydrangea yoyos came brand new with nail vibe. I couldn’t care less about this, it’s so minor. But apparently this point really bothers some people, especially when paired with the price.

Sorry for the wall of text, but yeah these are my favorites.

Oh I should also add this one extra catch: The Magnolia and Lisianthus assume that for some reason you really want a monometal. This is me. I will acknowledge I’m stupid and want to play monometals, despite it not being as conducive to the style of yoyo design I want to play. Achieving what the Magnolia is doing with a bimetal design is very easy and there’s a lot of options to pick from.

I hate the idea of reseating my rims whenever I slam the yoyo into the ground or bang it into a wall or my desk. I would say I mostly like bimetals over monometals in play, but I have this weird hang up in my head where I just wanna play monos. Hydrangea monos let me have the yoyo design I want in the body of a mono.


Solid response and not much more to say. The quercus is the most like TP so I would probably start with that personally. While I enjoy the lisianthus and think it’s unique I wouldn’t recommend it to most people.

I would also recommend skipping the laurus. Totally different feel than the rest of hydrangeas throws.


I’ve enjoyed every single Hydrangea yo-yo I’ve tried, but the Ulmus and Berberis are by far my favorites. If you’re looking for power and stability, they’re definitely my top picks. For something more “unique,” I’d gravitate towards the Haworthia.

It’s worth mentioning that I haven’t tried any of their latest releases.


Berberis and ulmus have been on my list for a bit but they seem to be pretty hard to come by. I think I saw a berberis on a Japanese site sell for 1k and I’ve never seen an ulmus for sale on any site unfortunately. @Drakkar are you going to any contest’s this year? Would love to try these guys if you are.


Unfortunately, no. In fact, I’ve never actually been to one. If you’re ever in Massachusetts, though, you’re more than welcome to stop by my house and try any yo-yos you like.


Hey @mable , @yoyojoe and @Drakkar thank you very much for your thoughts. Very much appreciated
Need to make up my mind now but definitely will dip into hydra go line up.
Special thanks to @mable wall of text I like :smile: