Hybrid Response Junkies

I was reintroduced to hybrid response a few months ago thanks to the encouragement of frodoslair. Anyone else hooked on it?

Like, half starburst and half silicone/other grippy stuff?

I dunno. I don’t know if my Flying Squirrel with only one friction sticker qualifies. :wink:

Generally don’t care for it. In one case I convinced another guy to trade my starburst half for his o-ring have so I ended up with a dual o-ring Black Knight. The rest of the hybrids I had I traded away. The exception is a hybrid HM I have. It’s the only hybrid I’ve ever liked.

I’m crazy about my Speeder and Hybrid Hitman. I had DMs in the past but had mixed feelings about them. I just scored one today, along with a Matrixx. I am thoroughly stoked.

Hybrid… It screeches, it snags. At first it’s unpredictable, responding when you don’t want it to, and when you get really frustrated by it, you pick up a dual sili recessed yoyo…and realise just how much you’ve come to love it. Everything else just feels so clinical.

And it has a certain grippiness you just can’t get when everything is recessed.