Hubstacks or spikes? Both!!

I don’t know if anyone has come up with this before, but if they have, I haven’t seen it :-P. Some folks like to take the hubstacks off of they hubstackable YYF yoyos from time to time. I admit, I do to sometimes. Nubs were about the only option, other than leaving them bare. So here’s what I came up with: SPACKS! Spikes + stacks = Spacks!

Take the hubstack completely off, and the Spack just slides right over the hub of the yoyo like so:

I machined them so that they stick out a little bit:

Bag O Spacks:

I’ve been working on the idea for a little while, but I’m finally happy with the result. I know YYF has tip tops, but that still uses the bearing. Spacks eliminate the bearing, and thus cut the weight down a little. Basically like using nubs, but you still retain the use of the stacks. Best of both worlds!

On a side note, I did discover that some of the yoyos require a slight bit of ‘massaging’ to get the Spack to stay on good. A spack that is tight on one side of the yoyo might be a little loose on the other side. I assume it has to do with the thickness of the ano. Very simple fix is to just wrap one layer of scotch tape around the stack before sliding the Spack on. In most cases you have to grab the Spack with a pair of pliers, after putting a paper towel over the Spack to keep it from getting scratched up, to pull them off.

Let me know what you think!

I think they look tacky. No offense. They look like those ugly over-sized erasers people put on their pencils.

Not something I can see myself using. I think metal ones would look amazing if you kept them inside the half instead of having them stick out. Keeping them on might present an issue though.

Looks promising though, but I agree with Mi

I really like the idea. I would totaly buy a set or two

r those delrin?i would have problems catching them like how i have trouble catching regular ones if they did not stick out of the yoyo i would buy some.
these remind me of these

i kinda like them. maybe some different colors? more of a gunmetal gray or something like that would be neat. oh, and here’s the only thing similar i’ve seen:

the overall design of this one is cool, and i like the shape, but those spikes stick out like whoa. and the side cap graphics are hideous.

Not bad. Im not a huge fan of spikes in the first place but if you put a lip on the end, so you could do gyros i would get a set.

wait do they go around the post or the bearing?


Keeping them on shouldn’t be a problem in most cases. I have to use a pair fo pliers to remove them on most of my yoyos. If they are too loose, a thin strip of tape either on the post or stuck to the inside fo the Spack should take care of that problem.

As for a metal version:

Made one set of them for my son. They have a delrin insert to keep them from scarring the post.

I also made a few sets of mini Spacks that do fit below the rim of the yoyo.

I think mini spacks may be a hit. The length of the shaft on the large spack seems like too much of a monotanous diversion. Perhaps a little design or something to break the monotany? Like, you know how the spiked on the dog collars are? That kind of deal.

you should make them so you can put them on the bearing and some for the post

Those are called top-tips, and have already been made.

Correct! My intention was to make something you could use while still reducing the weight like when you use nubs.