hubstacking a yyf one

I would like to hubstack my one… mostly because I need an excuse to go mack on a female friend of mine who works at the local hardware store. What all do I need to pick up and how do I go about stacking it? And any clever hardware store pick up lines I should use lol?

i don’t think “i’m modifiying some yoyos” is a good pick up line dude,

Nah she thinks my yoyo skills are beast lol

I know I need a longer bolt and several nuts but I don’t know what sizes I need

Do you want to go out for a drink some time? If you or her are under 21 replace drink with coffee/juice. :wink: The only pick up line you will ever need.

I really only put that in there as a joke… I really just need the mod info lol

take the yoyo with you, and match up the nut, and bold size’s with the charts every single hareware store has. :wink: If you can’t figure it out ask one of the employees. then eyeball the lenths. take all relevent parts for the mod with you, so you can dry fit everything while you are there. Good luck.

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