Hubstacked Hatrick

Something I’ve been meaning to try. Cut the spike down on the Hatrick so there is a flat surface, then drilled out the threads and a brass hub was press fit into the bearing seat and cut that down to fit an A sized bearing. This was then tapped for a 12mm axle and the other side a 6-32 screw to hold down the bearing. Overall came out very smooth!


I am glad there is at least one active modder showing his stuff.



Oh this is nice!

Maybe I’ll correct a wrong and hubstack a 7068 DNA lol


Would that make it a 7068 MUTANT DNA? lol

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That looks real smooth. Really nice.

That’d be awesome


Gutsy and cool.

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Possible haha, the 7068 DNA is pretty hefty as is at 66 grams, stacks add about 7-8 grams, putting it around the weight of the Mutant DNA.


So you really did it again?!?! :sob: :scream: :joy:

Without opening a new discussion I wanted to ask for information for my curiosity.
I also own one of the seventy Hatrick first runs like this one by @yoyospirit and I have always been used to seeing it with the graphics engraved on the gray cup, all the way, returning almost by chance on his review made in the forum of the Italian association, in the distant 2009, the exemplary protagonist shows the graphics engraved on the celestial cup !!!
Honestly, I never realized this detail … but how come? and how many exist?


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