Hubstack on a clyw wooly marmot?

Im getting a CLYW Wooly Marmot soon, is it possible that i could put hubstacks on it?



just saying you can but you shouldnt
you would have to like cut off the post drill a hole in it put pgm guts in it or something like that
but i wouldnt want to risk that on a $100 yoyo


If you were an incredible modder you could. But you shouldn’t ever EVER ruin a CLYW yoyo like that… If you want a yoyo just for stacks, buy a PGM

Nope, not possible. I tried to see if the A or C bearing even fit on the post. The C bearing didn’t fit. If your dieing for it to have stacks send it to a mooder. But is it not possible.


FIXED! lol… :stuck_out_tongue:


I saw those but I didn’t wanna be a grammar Nazi since my grammar is wrong half of the time.

It is not possible to stack it yourself.

i am pretty sure some size bearing would fit on the nub

What if yourself is ricerocket?

On a lathe it wouldn’t be too difficult. Let me rephrase that. It would take about five minutes.

boxman dance WHAT NOW!

I feel like it would be harder to do that 5 minutes on a lathe -.- I guess I don’t know anything about modding besides satining.

The spike is already close to the correct shape. It is just too large in diameter. A set of calipers would be best to have when doing it. All you have to do is cut it to size with a left hand tool bit. The calipers make it easy to cut it to just the right size. Then, you can add a slight groove for an o-ring to hold the bearing onto the post.

Jeffrey Pang has done it on a Peak.