Hubstack mod on kickside

Okay im modding my kickside’s nubs to accept hubstacks. Any tips on making the o-ring groove? The oring stays on buy, it close to the edge of the stack post. Ideas… tools… All will be accepted :smiley: pics soon

It sounds like you already did most of the work? Just do the same thing you did to cut the nubs down to have the bearing fit to make a groove.

If you are trying to cut the plastic down enough to accept bearings then you are in for a big surprise. They will fly apart when you use them.

well… i finshed and it worked fine… no oring grooves… they just stuck on by themselves heres pics.
EDIT: I lost an o-ring LOL so i added electric tape around both sides. o-ringless stacks. Zero assembly hassle :smiley:

Cool. How well do they actually work?

pretty well. I’m gonna switch to ricestacks soon. any color suggestions?

Orange cream cicle

LOL that was exact thought

cool :slight_smile:

Nice. A Kickside+hubstacks=awesome. :wink: