Hubstack bearing stuck on my superstar...

So… I take off the hubs of my superstar… and one of the hubstacks bearing are stuck on the post without any o rings to holdit there. Help please?

pliers or vice grips are the way to go. Sometimes bearings can get stuck in the post really bad ( like what happen to mine) Just grab the bearing with the pliers and wiggle urself out of the post. Gently tho, u dont wana damage the Post or the Bearing. But if the bearing totally wont come off and ur desperate of taking the bearing off. Grab the bearing really firm and tight wiggle and pull reallly hard. This might break ur bearing (like what happened to me) but if ur lucky it wont.

Put a string under the bearing.

Then pull and rotate the string until it pulls the bearing off of the post.

That happened to my superstar and the bearing wouldn’t come off even with the methods people suggested so i really squeezed hard and broke the bearing and the only thing left is the inside of the bearing on the post, so extreamly tight and can’t take it off but I don’t use hubstacks so im just leaving it that way. Just the metal ring on the very inside, not even the balls or the ring that holds the balls was left.

WD40 works good

Is that the infamous ‘string trick’??