HSpin The Cut response

What response system do you think works best in the hspin cut yoyo? And also what size response stickers fit in it?

Im not totally sure what size it is but the Ghost Pad (Thick) Stickers by Born Crucial work with it. But, the thing is, The Cut is already a Silicone Response System. I think it would be best to not mod the yoyo with picky responses because then you may make a mistake and ruin the yoyo. So, your only choices with modding would be Rubber O-Rings or Silicone. I personally believe Silicone will be better. Especially if you like to do string tricks.

Changing out your response system isn’t considered a mod, it’s considered maintenance.

And you’ll find response preferences are as different among folks as day and night. It differs from person to person, yoyo to yoyo. Gotta find out what works for you. There’s nothing wrong with trying out different stickers, and none of them are going to ruin a yoyo. The only time you’d run into the potential for trouble would be messing around with flowable sillicone, especially if the bearing becomes contaminated. But don’t fear trying this out, either. A lot of players find it easy and worth the time.

No, I mean’t if he changed the response into a starburst. Or had to adjust the yoyo to fit the stickers.

Where on earth did anyone mention starbursts? And why and how would you go about adding them? ???

And how would you adjust a yoyo to fit the stickers? With CNC machinery, I hope?

I’m sorry. I’m getting really confused here.

I believe the cut comes unassembled and does not have response stickers installed yet. I think that the stock stickers that come with it are red yoyoguy silicone stickers, but I would also like to try some other stickers as well. So, I’m just asking everybody which response stickers are worth purchasing and trying.

Chaz Pads, Kentaro pads, Silicone pads. As Robert said, it differs from yoyo to yoyo.

I don’t know. I was just saying that he shouldn’t mess with the yoyo itself. Im getting a little confused as well.

Well, eventually he will have to replace the pads. Its not too big a deal.

Nope. Its fine and I bet it will be a great yoyo.