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HSPIN will phase out from the yoyoing community.



Commemorative Limited Edition: 1997-2012: BEYOND ENVY, PYRO III and Phoenix yoyos

As you might have seen in my latest podcast, HSPIN is winding down for an exit from the yoyoing community. As sad as this is, we have had an amazing time in this global community. Situation is, before being able to leave with our heads held high, we have some debt to clear. In this context, we would appreciate any support you can lend to HSPIN. For this purpose, we make available the below very limited commemorative hand-anodized limited editions of three very successful releases of ours.

Thank you ever so much for your love, faith, loyalty and support.



More information…


:frowning: thank you hspin.


PBB Phoenix for me!

Good luck, and thanks Hspin!


Sorry to hear that news, Chris. Thanks for the work you’ve done, and good luck to you.

(Owen) #6

Sperm Whale Sperm…


Yeah, saw that… was wondering why anyone would name a colorway that.

(Owen) #8

Cause it’s their last run.



What little respect I initially had for you just got flushed down the toilet.


It’s blue. Ewwwwwww…


NO…So sad to see y’all leave…I love my Pyro …Such a great yo-yo…I thank y’all for the past work y’all have done…I will miss y’all. I really wish I could grab one to help y’all…Dang it. I hope all gets better for y’all, Since your team is awesome, too…I loved Plamek. Here’s hoping it gets better, even though y’all are leaving us, but thankfully on a great note.


Poland Bleeds Blue and People Eat Insects have already been sold out, the rest is still available.

It’s a bit of a shame that those 2 are gone already because I wanted to get a set of each model but saw them go up too late. On the other hand, it’s good to see that money is indeed coming in for Hspin.

Last night I settled for Limb Thud, that colorway just looks brutal.


I don’t think you said y’all enough.


Dude…I have lived in Texas since I was 3, Forgive me…It’s a bad habit y’all northerners can’t understand. Sorry.


update on the current availability:

James P Sullivan: 2
Crimson Rivers: 3
Lemon X Magnum: 4
Limb Thud: 6
She Killed Him On A Meadow In Summer: 6
Sperm Whale Sperm: 1
Whale Hunt Aftermath: 6

So there are still plenty of cool throws left :wink:


I’m very sad to hear this. HSpin was one that has intrigued me and I have yet to obtain one of their yoyos. Perhaps I’ll be able to snag one of these commemorative throws.

Good luck in your future endeavors :slight_smile:


update on the current availability:

James P Sullivan: 2
Crimson Rivers: 3
Lemon X Magnum: 4
Limb Thud: 4
She Killed Him On A Meadow In Summer: 6
Whale Hunt Aftermath: 6

Already gone:
People Eat Insects
Sperm Whale Sperm
Poland Bleeds Blue


for historical purpose I’m posting an update to the numbers. We had a discussion about the remaining quantities somewhere else and I said I’d update the current stock. So here we go:

James P Sullivan: 1
Crimson Rivers: 3
Lemon X Magnum: 2
Limb Thud: 3
She Killed Him On A Meadow In Summer: 4
Whale Hunt Aftermath: 4

Already gone:
People Eat Insects
Sperm Whale Sperm
Poland Bleeds Blue


Man, I really wanted some Sperm Whale Sperm… :smiley: