How yoyoing got me a bowling ball

Wait what? You’re probably thinking “what in the name of fish stick sandwich burritos is that supposed to mean?”

I would be confused myself having simply read that title, but luckily for you all, I can provide some information as to how the events described in the title took place!

I just returned from a business trip in San Diego and had two days off before heading back to work. I met up with some friends of mine for dinner and drinks and we decided that since we had some time, we’d go bowling! Now I’m not an amazing bowler but I do like to go from time to time to mingle and hang out with friends. And come on, who can resist that God awful bowling alley food yeah?

We got to our favorite spot and started a couple games. Being satisfied with managing to score above 100, me and one of my other friends opted out of a 3rd game while the others continued.
Of course, me and my antsy hands found their way to my yoyo (which was a yoyorecreation diffusion this time) and I was messing around with it while chatting and watching the game.

A man suddenly walked up to us approaching me and asked if I would come over to a party a few lanes down. Apparently it was his daughters birthday and her young friends and other parents would probably get a huge kick out of seeing yoyo tricks.

I said sure! And headed over to them. All of these young girls seemed to be around 9, and they were very much the lively type, as the father of the birthday girl had to work hard to quiet them down to introduce them to me. He simply called me the “yoyo lady” and let me do my thing.

I did a bunch of bigger showy tricks for them. ( word from the wise, kids love eli hops!)
And a few little picture tricks. All the kids, and the parents were amazed, and I ended up spending quite a bit of time talking with them about yoyoing, showing them more tricks, and of course when all the kids started wanting yoyos, I left links to yoyoexpert for the parents :wink:

The father of the b day girl was very grateful, especially since I ended up spending over half an hour with their group, and it was then that I found out that he was actually the owner of the bowling alley! He wanted to give us our games free but my friend denied saying he needed to treat us or he’d die (yeah he’s odd I don’t know), to which the owner then asked if I bowled often. I told him I did a bit here and there, and then he offered me a new bowling ball! This alley had its own bowling store that had a variety of new balls to choose from. He took me inside and said he would give me anyone that I chose. Being the pink loving girl I am, I saw the pink marble balls and couldn’t resist. I left that alley with a new 11 lb pink marble swirl ball, and the satisfaction of knowing that I probably got a bunch of young girls into yoyoing! :slight_smile:

Of course now there is this giant heavy bowling ball in my room that I’m pretty sure I’m gonna break my foot on at some point, but oh well such is life! :slight_smile:

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It’s always cool reading stories like these!

Your stories are the best. Thanks for sharing!

Cool story think you should write a book. Here’s the title (Chronicles of yoyoing,random stuff,connections)

Hahaha that’s great! Man you seem to get all kinds of free stuff from Yoyoing lucky!

This is what makes throwing worth it. Not the bowling ball but inspiring countless others to have fun and thow a yoyo.

Great story. I love it when little kids (and adults too) get sucked into my throwing. Did you get the “Can you Walk the Dog and the Cradle one?” :smiley:

Welllll… I’m a regular league bowler so getting a bowling ball(which can get pretty expensive!) is pretty awesome too ::slight_smile:

Wow what an inspiring story! Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us!