How Would I Make My H5 Look Good?

Hi, I’m thinking about taking the paint job off of my H5. What are some things I could do with it to make it look good, or will it look good just raw and unpolished? Also, I’m looking for methods that are as inexpensive as possible. If I don’t find any good things to do, I’ll probably keep the paint.

First of all… It’s not a paint job, it’s a chemical process known as anodizing.

Anyway, this process is very time consuming and if you really want to get it stripped I’d probably contact this guy:;u=2631

If you need to know the exact process of stripping the ano off just let us know.

We’re here to help!

No… It was painted by Brett Grimes…


Yes, I’ve read that topic. Do yoyos play/grind well if they’re in a raw state like the 5*?

play well: yes. they’ll play exactly the same, assuming you don’t strip enough metal to make a noticeable weight difference in the halves.
grind well: Not a chance. Raw metal grinds horribly.

It’s opinion whether something looks good or not. I like some yoyos raw, some people don’t. If you don’t want to pay someone to re anodize/paint it, I wouldn’t strip the paint. Because getting a good paint job on it yourself is pretty hard and unless done well, could add vibe.

I wouldn’t touch it if it were painted by Brett Grimes.