How to yoyo like a hypebeast (Ft YYF boss)

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Rotha rike da noodo.

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(PutridNebula) #4

Must be a style thing but tbh I can’t STAND having my pant leg behind my shoe’s tongue. THAT bothers me :stuck_out_tongue: I actually stop walking and fix my pant legs if they get that way, OR if they hook under my heel. Other than that, I dig noodo?!

(Yo!It'sMatt) #5

Everyone Love the noodo.


Nice video, it helps :DD.

(GO YYJ) #7

Is it okay if you don`t follow step 2?? Just kidding.

(SlimJoe) #8

Truly inspirational. Lol, what song is that?


He is a good yoyoer, but he acts like he is all that. Don’t get too cocky, or people may shame you if someone crushes you.

(Yo!It'sMatt) #10

I’m making fun of hypebeasts.
And may I ask how i’m cocky?

(M²) #11

same here


dude… 1. hows the boss
2. I like the vid
and 3. i thought of everyone at my school that dreses like that… i wanted to punt a baby

(M²) #13

I don’t think he is being cocky, if he is, he’s doing it in a jokingly manner.


lol Great vid. :smiley:

(Chase Baxter) #15

Oh yeah, I seen this on and

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