How to upgrade response?

I’m modding an old transaxle yomega and I’ve widened the gap too much to use the starbursts. How can I upgrade the response so that the yo-yo will grip again? I don’t have a lathe only a drill.

Try one Ducan sili sticker. That’s what I did to my HWW after I weighted it. The starbursts alone were too weak for a good return after that.

Should I sand down the starbursts then put the pad where they were? There’s no recess so it may be kinda hard.

Sand down the starburst if you want, but I just put the pad over it - center it over the bearing seat.
No recess - no big deal, it’s not required.

Yeah, friction stickers are pretty slim, it should work pretty good that way. I see Duncan doing that in some of their low-end throws like the Reflex.

If you search the world record sleep time for that type of yoyo you will see how unresponsive they can be.

Thanks ;D
Also how would I go about weighting it? Sorry, new to the whole modding thing.

You don’t say what the yoyo is so that’s hard to say. The HWW has screws that hold the caps on. They go from the inside. You have to unscrew the yoyo to get at them. Some Yomegas have the caps sonically welded and they can’t be removed. If you can get the caps off you can use 3/16 o-rings as weight. Or get some #10 solid core solder and cut a piece to size to make a ring that fits. If you can’t get the caps off, not much you can do that works well.

Yomega Power Spin. Doesn’t even have caps, the posts reach too far out.