How to Train Your Dragon

({John15}) #1

I’m just going to say, I think that the entire franchise, both the movies and miniseries, are hands down one of the greatest animated stories ever made. I love it when people actually take the time to develop the characters in a story.

The third and final movie is going to be coming out in February I believe, and I already know I’m going to cry like a baby. It’s going to hit the feels hard. No shame :sweat_smile:

Anybody else here Into this?

(Mk1 Yoyos) #2

I really liked the first one, and haven’t seen the second yet. Guess it’s time to check it out!

({John15}) #3

Dude, Go see it! I would say it’s better than the first one, but I think it’s actually just as good. The producers really took their time to develop the story and it definitely shows.

And the series on Netflix is really good too, race to the edge. I am a grown man with three children and a wife, and I absolutely love that cartoon lol. No shame

(Gethin) #4

I like that Jonsi did songs in both of them, and the animation is pretty great!

(Tyler) #5

I’ve only seen the first one, but I found it rather enjoyable. A lot of good comedians doing the voices.
Also, on a random side note, we almost adopted a black cat who had a gum disease that caused all his teeth to fall out. So, naturally I was going to name him Toothless, but when we went back someone else had already adopted him :confused:


Iron Giant is my “hit the feels hard” animated movie of all time.

(Tyler) #8

That would probably be Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke for me. Still watch them to this day and gets me every time