How to store Silicone...

It’s been a long time since I’ve asked anything in regards to maintenace but I have always had my silicone dry up on me and I was wondering if there’s a better way then putting the cap on and putting it in a ziplock bag… I want to store my new tube the right way this time if there is a “right way”.

Any help is much apprecated.

I just put on the cap. Not the pointer because it dries up silicone much faster and more.

If you put on the cap tightly, nothing should dry.

Yeah I put the cap on tightly I thought but maybe not… I’ll try really cranking it on there. I hope this works.

Once you open it it will start to set. It’s a chemical reaction that causes it to set, not really drying. You might keep it a bit longer if you put it in the refrigerator.

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It seems like I heard that putting a nail in the tube after use keeps it fresh.

It’s no more effective than just putting the cap on tightly. What it does do is provides a channel to the uncured portion when you pull the nail out. Thus you can get a bit more life out of the tube. It will eventually cure in the tube regardless of what you do.

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Keeping the silicone cool seems to be effective. Ever since I moved my modding supplies to my basement I’ve been having silicone tubes last longer for me. As far as capping methods go, I like to get some extra silicone sticking out of the tube and then cap it. That little extra bit of silicone cures in the cap providing an air tight seal for the rest of the tube. Then us just peel it off when you open it again.

I used the nail method and I wasted a whole pinky finger amount of silicone. But I’ll also use the cool method too! Thanks.

Once you open it it will clot sooner or later no matter what you do.
I always get the smallest tube I can find and still never put a dent in it
before it goes off.

Well, those tubes are meant for jobs MUCH larger than a yoyo. The smallest jobs are meant to do at least a couple of bathtubs work of seal.

I’d say if you were doing a hundred yoyos, yeah, it would make sense and get used up. Do your throws, do your friends’ throws, do your family’s throws, invite the entire yoyo club over and do theirs. Just use it up, charge them a dollar or something. 4 yoyos and you recovered your cost. If you’re not in it for the money, that’s OK. Just don’t waste the stuff.

Personally, I’m just gonna stock up on the replacement rings and not worry about it. Yeah, it may cost more up front, but in the long run, I don’t have to buy a $4 tube of silicone that is gonna probably cure before I get back to it again. Then after a couple of rounds of this, which becomes more cost effective?

I’m all for DIY, but I also have to keep in mind costs to DIY vs costs of buying what I need instead.