guys when i was siliconing the cap of the silicone broke and my silicone will dry…i need help on what things that will not make my tube of silicone dry… help ASAP

You could try wrapping plastic wrap around the top-that would probably work. :-\ You could also try putting a bit of silicone of the top where it broke, so when that little bit dries, it would kinda form an airtight cap.

my cap broke on the inside of the cap where the track is…
are you sure plastic would work?

First, put a piece of scotch tape over the top.

Second, Put Duct Tape over that.

Finally, Cover the whole thing in tin-foil.

I’m actually not too sure, but if you could use the plastic wrap as a last resort…

It wouldn’t dry. Only the top layer. Then a nail…

just stick a nail in the top

thanks guys!!!

you could also try refrigerating it.