How do you store your flowable silicone?

Today I decided it was time to re-silicone a couple of my throws, but unfortunately I discovered that my flowable had solidified in the tube and sealed it shut. As far as I can tell, about half the tube is solid. For one reason or another I thought it was a good idea to store the tube standing on it’s tail end (not sitting on the cap, but the other way around). It’s a shame that all that sili has gone to waste and now I’m out about 8 bucks to get myself a new tube. And yes, before I put it into storage, I did clean off the opening of the tube and made sure to put the twist cap on firmly…

Has this ever happened to any of you? How do you store your sili to prevent this from happening? :-\

I put a nail in the nozzle. So once your done, put the nail where the silicone comes out of, on the funnel type thing. So once you open the silicone for the first time, you can just throw the white cap away.

Awesome, thanks for the tip. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, you put the nail into the funnel, and leave the funnel attached to the sili tube for good?

Yup! A couple tips are to cut the tip as small and straight as possible, not at an angle. Also, use a nail that has a fairly big head to cover as much as possible.

Sweet, thanks again. Now it’s just time to dig around in my garage until I find the perfect nail. :wink:

Yup! Here’s a pic to help you better understand-