How to silicone a yoyo?

Can u give me steps and instructions be specific please, i need it for school.

firstly, remove the old response type, then give it a clean with mineral spirts or someting similar, then get yourself your flowable silicone, rtv or gasket maker, which ever you have.

Secondly squeeze in the silicone making sure you get rid of all the air in the silicone. Now you can do one of two things, you can take an old bank card or something similar and smooth out the silcone and then you can use your finger with some soapy water to smooth it out again (this will also help get the air out of the silcone) giveing the response area a concave finish making it more unresponsive, or the second option you can leave the silicone after you put it in the response to set and peel off the excess once it has all dried.

Once its all dried and smoothed out, throw in the bearing and enjoy.

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