How to ship, lol


I’m a noob. I just finished a trade with someone and all I need to do is ship. I want to use usps and use priority shipping (the one with the flat rate). I know I have to pay for the shipping label but can the post office print one for you? I don’t want to use my card online even though its cheaper :confused: Please help


Not sure how it is in the Philippines, but you most likely can. Just make sure you have all the shipping information written on something when you go to the post office.

Also, make sure you package the yoyo so nothing will get damage. Unscrew it, wrap both halves, bearing, and axle separately. Supply ample ammount of packing peanuts, newspaper, bubblewrap, or similar packing material.
I believe tracking is free w/ priority mail, but make sure you get a tracking number.


Lol, I’m actually not from the Philippines, I just put that there to represent. Thanks, also do you know how much it is in person? Online its like $5 right?


iirc, you save somewhere around 60 cents doing it online. $5.15 online, $5.75 in person. Someone feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.