Shipping Internationally?

Ok, someone in France wants to buy a yoyo from me, how would I go about in shipping to France?

When I ship internationally I just take it to the post office and they just have me sign this that and the other thing and it’s done. Oh you do have to pay for it of course :wink: .

…What about printing a label? It has all this stuff I have no idea about.

Go to the post office.

The only real options you need to worry about is whether or not you want tracking. If you do, it’ll have to go via EMS and the price will almost definitely be more than $30. Probably closer to $40. So factor that in if your buyer requires it.

Otherwise, you can just send it airmail and you need to fill out the little customs slip that you find in line on the tables, either marked above or below $200 value.

So what if it’s just regular small flat rate? It says I have to add all these comments and stuff, are those really that important?

Assuming it’s the same as it is in Australia, just take it down to the post office, tell them where you want to send it, choose an option that suits you, and then fill in a ludicrous amount of paperwork.


Just follow the directions. If it sez to fill it out, doit!!!

The form for regular airmail is pretty short. Just an item description, weight, and approximate value. There’s a much, much longer form that goes with EMS.

Not sure what you’re dealing with trying to do it online but there is a right and a wrong form, and they do turn people away until they fill out the correct one. So, if you’re not sure, you might want to go down to a physical post office and make sure it’s all good.

I think I printed the correct form lol.