Shipping International


Hi, I’m looking for help on what to use to ship international. And how much it will possibly cost.

Should I use flat rate boxes or use a padded envelope?

I’m sending about three yoyos in total.

A summit, a FG Avalanche, and a supernova.

I have all these questions…

PM me for your advice to me, or Post on this topic (:

Thanks guys! (:


Cnat use usps flat rate internationally i dont think


Really? I thought they might. Ima visit the post office tomorrow maybe.

  1. Depends where you want to ship to and how fast you want it to get there. I strongly suggest shipping with tracking because the odds of things going missing increases exponentially when sending overseas.

  2. Always ship in a box. I’ve seen some people disassemble their yoyos, wrap up the halves separately, and put the bearing and axle into a small plastic bag before popping it all into the box. I usually put the fully assembled throws into their original box, bubble wrap them separately, and put them all into the shipping box with plenty of old newspaper or bubble wrap to fill the empty space in the box so the yoyos don’t move around in transit. A particular online store I frequent likes to tape the bubble wrapped yoyo boxes to the box as well to stop them moving around.



There are international flat rate boxes you can use. I’d suggest one of those. Padded envelopes are always risky (but I use them anyways haha), even moreso shipping overseas. However, I’ve received a yoyo shipped in a bubble mailer from the UK just fine.
As long as you package everything good, they should be fine.

Prices can range anywhere from $10-$50 (or more), depending on where you’re shipping to. But most likely it’ll be around $11-$22.

Insurance is also something you should look into, especially since you’re shipping THREE valuable yoyos out of the U.S.


I’m planning on shipping to Poland. How much would that be?
I live California soo idk how much…


This should help:

Put in the relevant info and you can check the cost of all the different shipping options.



How much would three yoyos weigh in a box or padded envelope?


Well, the YYR mystery box I just received has a listed weight of 340g for three throws but that’s without any individual boxes for the yoyos. Wouldn’t be any more than 500g (which I think is about a pound).



How long should it take to ship to nj


Hopefully it’s not that expensive to ship first class international. I mean one pound should be $20 to ship?


Shipping normal USPS first class without tracking or insurance is generally quite inexpensive. Figure between $10 and $15 depending on which country/weight.

Shipping international with tracking is where things get very expensive. The only way to ship with tracking internationally is to ship Express Mail or priority mail. You can’t get tracking on normal slow international mail. Bumping up to Express (EMS) dramatically increases the cost to a minimum of $25-30 and easily $50 if you add insurance (and depending on the weight).

As Links mentioned, if you need to ship with tracking, you are probably better off shipping international priority flat rate.

If I sell yoyos internationally, I generally inform buyers that they can opt for normal mail without tracking for $15 or $35+ for tracking.



I’ve sent and received a lot of packages internationally.
I prefer the simplest and cheapest shipment with tracking or insured
In my experience that works best
From the states such mail should be about 5$