How to resolve Anti-Yo Bapezilla 2 and Viszilla string breakage

Hello everyone, I just received my Bapezilla 2 yesterday from YYE and on the 2nd breakaway, the bapezilla literally broke away and in the process took out an angels wings on my manger set and landed on my glass table and continued to bounce and roll across my new tile…fun times. Luckily Andre’ is going to replace this for me. However, I purchased 2 of them and I do not want this to happen again. I am looking for advice on how to make it so that the string does not break. Andre’ said to use sandpaper or the back of a leather belt around the bearing seat. I haven’t really used sandpaper much and would appreciate either a video or some pictures or clear advice on what I need to do. Andre’ said I can try it out on the damaged one before I send it back, I just don’t want to sand too much or anything like that. Thanks

Gruesome pictures of this incident can be found below:

If you’re going to use sandpaper, make sure it’s really fine grit, like 1000 grit. Or try using a green scouring pad (like Scotch Brite). I didn’t get much success from using the denim pouch or a leather belt. I finally resorted to using a Dremel with a polishing pad. Just always keep an eye on the string.

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The back of a genuine leather belt or a pair of denim jeans is the best thing to rub the bearing area down with.

Basically, just give any area where the string would frequently touch the yoyo a good rub down for around 20 minutes on each half. It takes some of the roughness off of the anno and will make string wear out much slower.

I’d skip the sandpaper and go w/the leather, denim or scotch brite pad. Go lightly w/the scotch pad.

Yeah, you wannt remove the blast, not the anno.

Denim or leather belt will do you wonders with your problemo.

Do I just go in a circular motion around the bearing seat? Also, how will I know when what I did is enough? Thanks

Give it a solid 10-20 minutes on each side.

Try the denim. Like Jake said, give it a good 10-20 minutes per side. Pop in a fresh string. See how long it takes for threads to start fraying. Move on to leather, repeat. Move on to ScotchBrite (with less pressure than with denim or leather). I went through two Dragon and a Metz string before I felt my Bape.2s string-hunger had been slaked. It still nibbles on thread, but not as voraciously.

Oh, and a string-centering bearing doesn’t hurt, either.

I did the denim on it for just a few minutes on each side. I am using the damaged one as a tester to make sure it doesn’t snap again. I see some frays but nothing major and I got a good 15-20 minutes out of the string and kept checking and pulling on it tightly after each throw to make sure the string was still good. I got a knot in it, so I replaced the string which I planned on doing anyways every 30 minutes of play or so. I am using the YYE string. I am never going to use stock string on any throw again! Why would Anti-Yo use cotton string anyways knowing this was a possible issue? Thanks again for everyone’s advice.

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