how to remove stubborn bearings, yyr diffusion?

just like the title. the yoyo has death grip on it’s bearing, and i need to get it out to clean it. any tips?

How about a little info on what you’ve tried so far.

so far, i’ve tried to get it off by using a multi tool. I’m being really gentle because i broke my last diffusion by destroying the bearing seat getting one out. I’ve tried vice grips as a last-ditch kind of thing, but it didn’t work either. If you’re wondering, I’m cleaning all my bearings, and i really want to clean the ds bearing to keep it in good condition

A multi tool should work fine, but make sure you’re not just pulling with the multi tool - rock it back and forth and the bearing should pop off. If it’s really really stuck, try gripping the multi tool with the vice grips for more leverage.

If only I could give every yoyoer in the world a YYR bearing removal tool… World peace.

why not start small? Maybe just one or two people. I can be that one or two people.