How To Remove Fiesta Caps?

I know the conventional method for caps are to use a suction cup but the Fiesta has the hole in the middle for the axle nipple thing to poke out of it so you can’t get the proper suction to pull it off. Has anyone tried to remove the caps on their Fiesta yet? I can punch a hole through them and pull it w/ a screw but I’d rather not. Any help would be great.

I used the duct tape method on mine.

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Whatever that link is it’s not working for me

Grr, my host is being a punk. I’m trying to get that fixed. In the meantime, try this.

mine came out the first time it hit the ground but like Elephark said you can also use duct tape

Nope, LOL! It could be my PC since I’m at work and the firewalls have all kinds of securities on it.

If it doesn’t come out after a couple of wipe outs, bang it against the table (with the caps down, obviously). mine came out after a few wacks.

this is what I do lol