How to properly mod your loop 900

heyy guys leave a comment below. Let me know if these works or not. Thanks.
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curse you, slow hotel internet! Can’t watch the video yet. :confused:
but I’m just wondering, why mod a loop 900? it does an exceptional job at looping, if I do say so myself.

Edit: video finally loaded. I thought you meant mod. lol
might wanna change the thread/video title to how to lube your loop 900

Lol by “mod” i mean lubrication. its not really modifying the whole yoyo

I don’t see why this merited a video. It seems a text post would have been sufficient:

1 Drop YYJ Thick lube. Play hard for 5 minutes
1 SMALL drop YYJ thin lube. There ya go.

Thick lube too responsive in his opinion. BUT, don’t use too much thin lube as we don’t want a complete break-down of thick lube.

Sorry, I’m one of those people who feel that a simple text posting can work fine, rather than a bulky video. I grow tired of having to wait 45 minutes to watch a 2 minute news story on the internet when all I really wanted was the printed version. I like to respect people’s time.

On the positive side, the original poster was quite thorough. I wish other videos would ensure they completely cover the topic.

That was quite harsh… :frowning:
Sorry but i do have reasons to use a video method too. and i do see ur reasoning

I just really prefer a show of video rather than text. Its a personal preference.

As an YouTube user i do want more views to come to my channel and watch. By doing variety of stuff help me get more viewers. Such as this video. This video will allow me to get more viewers.

But for people like you (prefer text than a video) in future post such as this. I’d make a text section. and a video section. For people who has different taste will be happy.

You have to understand:

I come from a position where I work with people who:
A: Don’t have time to waste
B: Don’t like having their time wasted.

I get tired of “Hey, if you want the story, watch the video”, and my position was “Uh, couldn’t you just write an article? Aren’t you a journalist? Isn’t that what they do?”

Verbal pauses: lose them. Use a script. This “on the fly thing” everyone does just leads to wasting time, yours and viewers.

But, as I said, at least you were thorough.

I can’t see why someone would say a Loop900 would suck. Maybe they just don’t like it for themselves. Try something else. I’m buying a pair of YYJ Unleashed’s for myself soon.

You might want to just do a short version on how to lube a looper. I think your tip would work good for almost any such yoyo, but with you placing emphasis on the Loop900. You also did good CYA tactic by saying “this is what I do” type verbage.

Please understand, I probably have to review several hundred videos a month on a wide variety of topics(sometimes several thousand). Coupled with unreliable internet service, unless the task IS to watch a video, I prefer to NOT watch a video. I also have to deal with video editing on a near daily basis, especially cleaning up after people who CLAIM they’ve graduated from film school.

Closer example, I’m trying to learn from watching the learning videos here. It’s become impossible. I may only have 5-15 minutes to try to crush in as much practice as possible, and with the video taking 45+ minutes to load thanks to my connection being unacceptable, so much for learning something new. Now that YouTube did something to their system, the software I use to download videos won’t work anymore.